By Matt Homier, XD Team Lead and Innovation Catalyst Steward, Digital Insight

We’ve seen a lot of change here at Digital Insight, but one thing hasn’t changed: Innovation and Design for Delight (D4D) is still in our DNA. A great example is our Innovation Catalyst program.

Matt-HomierInnovation Catalysts are a community of change agents from many different backgrounds. Much like our chemical namesake – we look for ideas that will spark change. We do this by enabling and accelerating innovation and design thinking at Digital Insight. Our goal is to make innovation part of our daily lives, and Design for Delight is the toolkit we use to help teams fuel their innovation and creativity.

Innovation is a process. Design for Delight makes up the pillars on which we build this process.

The innovation process and D4D go hand in hand.

At this year’s conference, the Catalysts and I would love to give you a taste of the techniques and processes we use with our teams. You can help us by completing the survey and letting us know which of the sessions outlined below interest you the most. In each session, you will leave with hands-on experience and knowledge that you can use to spark innovation at your financial institution.

An overview of the innovation process
In this session you will get an overview of the entire D4D and innovation process. You will participate in a series of dynamic exercises that demonstrate the power of each D4D pillar.

Walking a mile in your customer’s shoes
To solve a problem well, you need to truly understand it from that person’s point of view. In this session the Catalysts will demonstrate proven techniques to gain deep customer empathy, to unpack what you’ve learned, and to concisely share what you’ve learned with your teams.

10,000 ideas to get 1
Your first idea is rarely your best. To get a truly great idea, you have to create many. The Innovation Catalysts will demonstrate how you can unleash your creativity and that of your team to go beyond what’s expected. Once you have your 10,000 ideas, we’ll give you techniques to figure out which are the true gems.

 Try this at home, often
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” -Thomas Edison 

Innovation involves risk. But just the way you manage risk in a stock portfolio, you use rapid experiments to manage risk in the Design for Delight process. Innovation Catalysts will demonstrate how a few rapid experiments and failing fast can save you time and money.

We welcome your feedback on these ideas we’re proposing for this year’s workshop, and we’d also like to hear about what you think of our Design for Delight process. Have you participated in our workshops in the past? How are you bringing innovation to your financial institution? Do you have examples of how failure has led to success?