By Pratik Patel

flexibleplatformIn today’s world, “personal” doesn’t always mean “in person.”

Financial institutions are under pressure to create relevant, connected, personalized experiences that their customers and members now expect because of other industries, such as retail and hospitality. For example, consumers want fast, easy access to everything — whether they want to act on restaurant recommendations delivered by a smartphone app or they want to check flash sale alerts from their favorite stores on a tablet.

In a world where custom is the new standard, how does a financial institution even start? Two words: flexible platform.

A flexible platform allows financial institutions to meet their end users’ needs by creating personalized experiences throughout the digital channel. By doing so, you’ll keep your customers and members coming back, which will drive the growth your financial institution seeks.

Digital Insight’s Digital Banking Platform gives you the power and control to add or create your own applications, turn on the services and functions you need, and customize the digital banking experience to fit your financial institution’s unique brand.

Create or add applications.
With use of our developer platform, financial intuitions can create new applications into digital banking to provide unique features that solves those unmet business needs and builds stronger relationship. If financial intuitions does not have any developers or if their development staff is occupied with other projects, third-party vendors or our Professional Services team can also develop and host applications for you.

Turn on the services and functions you need.
With our flexible platform, you can extend the services you offer via solution partners. In essence, you can turn on the services and functions your financial institution needs, or you can use SAML SSO to connect to other third-party offerings, such as loans, mortgage services and credit cards.

Create a cohesive experience.
Consumers expect a similar user experience regardless of the channel. With a customized, out-of-box configuration offered by a flexible platform, you’ll be able to create that cohesive experience your customers and members expect. That consistent experience will make your customers feel safe and secure, knowing they’re on your site and your app.

You can learn more about the benefits and value of a flexible platform in three sessions at the upcoming Innovation Conference.

The first session, “Flexibility: Create Your Own Applications with Digital Insight’s Developer Platform”, is a pre-conference workshop on Sunday, Oct. 4, which is designed for developers or IT managers who have developer responsibilities at their financial institutions. In this hands-on tutorial, attendees will create their own applications using Digital Insight’s developer platform, APIs and software development kit (SDK).

The second session will be held on Monday, Oct 5, “Development for Differentiation: The Custom Difference”. This session will provide information on how Digital Insight’s professional services can help you differentiate by creating custom application for you. This session targeted for general audience.

The third session. “Flexibility: The Best of SaaS and Self-driven Development: The Current and Future State of Platform”, will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 6. This session is designed for all conference attendees and will provide an overview of how a financial institution can develop or integrate its own widgets or pages in digital banking using Digital Insight’s developer platform. It will also provide information about upcoming APIs and developer portal.

What steps has your financial institution taken to provide a customized digital banking experience? What results or challenges have you seen?

Pratik Patel is a group product manager for platform services at Digital Insight.