By Barry Lamm

onthegoThink about how you connect with your colleagues, your friends and your family. Chances are, when you can’t be with them face-to-face, your preferred method of connecting with them is right in your pocket.

Messaging, mobile apps, Skype and FaceTime have revolutionized the ways we connect with each other. Consider the results of this study, which found that making calls ranks sixth in the top 10 uses for our mobile phones.

It’s clear that people prefer messaging on the go with their mobile devices, whether it’s for business or for pleasure. Forty-nine percent of people prefer messaging over calling, and 76 percent of customers would rather conduct business via a mobile app than by calling a contact center.

Now, consider the ways your company connects with its customers. There’s no doubt that phone, email and perhaps chat are at the top of the list of ways your customers can connect with you. Where does messaging fit into your strategy?

Just connecting with your customers on the go — where they are, via their mobile devices — isn’t enough either. The experience you provide should be personalized, effective and rewarding.

A recent study shows that by 2019, 95 percent of banking transactions will take place through digital channels. As the digital experience becomes more prevalent in all of our lives, humanizing that experience becomes even more important.

Consumers realize that they call the shots when it comes to connecting with brands. Get it right, and you’ll win their trust and loyalty. Get it wrong, and you’ll risk losing not only their business, but also their goodwill — and they could become “brand assassins” in the world of social networks.

According to Think with Google, micro-moments are pivotal in the customer journey. Consumers search for a need and make a decision — hence their “heightened expectations for immediacy and relevance.”

The micro-moment between a consumer and a customer care professional is critical. We’re spoiled by the convenience of mobile devices, so when we have a need, we expect a quick solution.

In the end, it’s the talent, knowledge and connection of your people that will make it work. Even the most sophisticated digital strategy will backfire if your people aren’t committed to providing the best experience possible.

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Now, I’d like to hear about your experiences.

What was your best or worst experience with a brand, and why?

Barry Lamm is the director of professional services at LivePerson.